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Why Fly In?
Depending on where you live, it may not be possible to receive the exceptional care and excellent results you’d like to get from a body contouring procedure.
Virtual Consultation
Sono Bello is always looking for ways to make it more convenient for our patients to interact with us. And with our virtual consultation option for our fly in patients, we’re just a call or click away.
Sono Bello has locations across the U.S. making it convenient for you to get the quality care we offer and the results our exclusive TriSculpt™ process delivers.

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Welcome to Sono Bello, home of the TriSculpt™ process. Many companies offer laser fat removal however few are able to achieve impressive results in the patients they treat. At Sono Bello we pride ourselves on using the most up to date body contouring technologies in order to achieve superior results for our patients. We understand that no one person is alike and that’s why our highly trained physicians customize every procedure to fit your individual body contouring needs.